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     Photographer Charles Lewis here, and I've put together this e-book for any photographer who wants the best CURRENT, INEXPENSIVE, & EASY ways to market their photography business.   I've taken the secrets I've tested and proven in my 41 years in the photography business, and put them in this e-book.  No boring theory.   No guesswork.  Only the best ways to bring in LOTS of customers right away. 

In this e-book, I will reveal:

checkThe best-kept secret EVER about a very traditional advertising model!

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checkE + L.G. + S.R. + F.U.. = B.C. + $$.....  What's this PHOTO -MARKETING formula, and how can you use it right away?

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checkThe 10 most valuable, underground secrets to amazingly effective marketing and advertising in the photography business these days.

checkWhat is the single most important, critical part of any ad, brochure, marketing letter or any other marketing piece? Discover this and prosper beyond your wildest dreams.

checkWhat are the truly savvy photographic marketers doing right now, in these challenging times, to grow and prosper?

checkSeven very specific marketing and advertising little known secrets that will attract QUALIFIED CUSTOMERS to you FAST - like a magnet attracts paperclips.

checkThe single most effective and LEAST EXPENSIVE way to get your phone ringing like crazy with good people who want to work with you, even though your prices are NOT the lowest in town - in fact - you are one of the higher priced photographers in town!

checkWhat is the "Five Impressions Law" and how can you use it to get more business than any other photographer in your area?

checkWhat is the most popular way of advertising that photographers use, that is TOTALLY 1950'S OUTDATED TECHNOLOGY - and doesn't work - and what can you do instead that uses TODAY'S TECHNOLOGY to get your phone ringing and ringing?

check11 HUGE UNDERGROUND SECRETS on How to use the Internet to bring in clients who love you, and will pay high prices to get your photography? (Less than 5% of photographers in the world know these secrets!)

check5 Giant But Little-Known Tips to a more effective and persuasive internet presence that will MAKE YOU MORE MONEY.

checkThe single best "list" you should be marketing to LIKE CRAZY if you want to make piles of money with your photography services!

And That's Just The Beginning!  
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You can probably see that I take this photography marketing thing very seriously.   It truly doesn't matter one bit whether or not our photography is great if we can't get QUALIFIED & EXCITED clients in our door to be photographed!   I've seen too many wonderful photographers go out of business over the last 4 decades - I don't want that to ever happen to you.

I look forward to revealing these secrets to you!



Chuck Lewis
Dedicated To Making Photographers Rich & Successful




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