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never feel like this again:
"End The Frustration Of Not Knowing How To Make HUGE Photo Sales!"
- Chuck Lewis

Take A Tour Of My Studio, Sit In On One Of My Projection Appointments, Witness A Complete Design Consultation, And See All My Best Exhibits In Their Actual Locations...

(and reap all the PILES OF MONEY these secrets will
bring you!)

  Dear Fellow Photographer,

Includes My 5 TELEPHONE SCRIPTS, and My PR PACKET Yours To Use & Copy FOREVER - For FREE!

    Have you been feeling frustrated lately that the photography industry seems to be falling apart?   Have you felt the pinch - feeling like people aren't calling you like they should, and you're not making the money you really WANT (and deserve) to make? 

Well, I understand how you might be feeling...

If You Are Ready To Just COPY WHAT WORKS - Taking All The Guesswork Out Of How To Sell Your Photography, How To Answer The Phone, How To Book Those Sessions Nearly Every Time - Here's Your Chance!

    For the first time ever - without leaving your home, you're going to take a guided tour of my actual studio here in Grand Rapids, where I will show you personally how to implement 47 different simple (and inexpensive) secrets that will increase your average sale by 113% immediately.  No more boring theory - I'll show it all to you once and for all.


    You'll get to sit in on a complete projection appointment session - and see and hear EXACTLY how it's done - LIVE!!  This is exactly how I do my projection appointments - how I project (with digital equipment or traditional) - how I present the images (the size, the order, everything) - and how I handle all client objections that come up during the whole process!  Every secret revealed - in real time - from the moments the lights go down till I get their signed check! 

I'll even take you on a tour of the Grand Rapids area and show you all my exhibits!  Ever wonder how they should look?  Well, you'll never wonder again...

       You'll also sit in on a complete design consultation - LIVE! You'll also discover exactly how to answer every phone call and turn it into a booked session, and...  okay, I have to stop.  First I need you to make me a promise:

    Ethically, I Am Restricted From Telling The Rest Of The Photographic Industry About These Newly Discovered Secrets, So You Have To Promise This Stays Between Us.  I'll Make Your Silence Worth Your While...  read on...   

    ANNOUNCING MY "Studio-In-A-Box" SYSTEM!LMS-box

    Take A Tour Of EVERY ASPECT Of A Mega-Successful Portrait & Wedding Studio, And COPY ALL THE SECRETS!

    SEE MY STUDIO (and hear EXACTLY why I set it up the way I did for maximum profits)!

    SIT IN ON A SALES PRESENTATION (and see how I get the BIG sales)!

    LISTEN IN ON TELEPHONE CALLS - (discover how I raised my bookings to over 80% nearly overnight, and how YOU can do the same)!

    And more.... read on!

        This new TOP-SECRET TREASURE CHEST of priceless info is burning up the office here in Grand Rapids!  My son Todd (who has been a central part of my photography business for nearly 20 years) is so excited about it, he's been having trouble sleeping.   I've had to strap him down to the chair in his office, and duct-tape his hands behind his back to keep him from calling photographers to tell them about this.

        Why Am I Not Letting Todd Tell Everyone About This?

        You may have heard this about me - when I believe in something, I tell photographers about it.  In fact, some people tell me I never shut up.  That may be true - when I find something I know will help other photographers have the business and life-style they deserve, I'm not gonna keep it a secret!

    But I AM Keeping This A Secret.  I'm Not Quite Ready For All Of The Photographic Industry To Know About This Huge Breakthru.  If You Keep Reading This Hidden Webpage, You Have To PROMISE ME You Won't Talk About It With Any Other Photographers. 

        You know the story about the man who went all over the world hunting for diamonds, only to die broke and depressed?  Well, to make a long story short, this man had traveled the world searching for diamond mines, but he never thought to dig in his own backyard, where the diamonds had been all along.

        Well, I just discovered something I didn't even realize I'd been sitting on.  A diamond mine that will do much more than bring in diamonds for one person - it will bring in a lifetime of diamonds for ANY PHOTOGRAPHER who uses it - PROVIDING NO ONE ELSE AROUND THEM IS USING IT!Kramer.full

    That's Why I'm Telling YOU About This, And Not Your Competitor Down The Street.  PLUS, I'm Going To Give You A Chance To Get Your Hands On These Secrets Right Now At A HUGE SAVINGS -  All You Do Is Agree Just To Say "MAYBE."  That's It - Just "Maybe."


        I'm quite possibly the most disorganized human being on the planet.  No kidding.  It's a good thing I have my "system" for organizing my studio - that part is in good shape, but when it comes to my personal office - it's a complete wreck.  No kidding - I think the President is actually going to deem it a federal disaster area. 

        I was wading through my piles of notes and paperwork not long ago, and I saw something glimmering from under the rubble.  The sunlight hit is just right - it was almost as if I was meant to find it right then and there.  I pushed aside some junk, and there it was:  A TOP-SECRET SET OF UNDERGROUND DVDs, workbooks, and audio CDs I'd created less than three months earlier at the best 5-day class I've ever held.  No kidding, I've done well over 500 speaking engagements over the last 33 years, and NEVER have I held one that was so praised by attendees, and so jam packed with easy-to-implement photo sales secrets - secrets that MAKE TONS OF MONEY in the photography business!

    But These Were No ORDINARY DVDs, CDs, and Workbooks!  They Had The Words "DANGER - Don't Let These Fall Into The Wrong Hands" Written In Big RED SHARPIE MARKER All Over Them!

        I pulled the first DVD out, and stuck it in the DVD player in my office.  I pushed "play."  What I discovered on this DVD made my face almost go white.  I had to sit down and catch my breath.

        This was an underground series of DVDs, CDs, and Workbooks created during a 5-day in-depth unprecedented PHOTOGRAPHY SALES WORKSHOP I held here in my studio recently, for only 13 of the leading photographers in the industry!

    On these DVDs, audio CDs, and exhaustive printed material, I revealed all my biggest secrets in these 4 areas:

      checkStudio Layout & Design

      checkThe Projection Session (complete & uncut - LIVE!)

      checkThe Design Consultation (from walk-in to signed check!)

      checkAdvanced Telephone Secrets (including how to adapt to a huge digital marketplace!)

      checkPlus - I found some BONUS footage where I gave a complete audio/visual tour of my best exhibits throughout my community!


  • Ever Wondered Exactly How To Layout Every Part Of Your Studio For Maximum Profits?  Well, Wonder No More...
  •     On the first day of this 5-day event, my son Todd brought his high-quality camcorder in, and filmed an entire studio tour, where I walked everyone through my studio, and explained exactly why everything was laid out the way it was. 

        No stone was left unturned.  And the beauty of this DVD set is - 13 of the leading photographers in America where there asking me questions about everything!  You see it all, and discover how to implement it into your existing studio space.

    IMPORTANT:::  Whether you work out of your home, or an actual studio space, you WILL discover secrets that will make a huge difference in your bottom line!  I guarantee it - read on... 

    LMS-boxSUPER STUDIO-IN-A-BOX!order-now-special


    Call 1-800-645-5199
    Right Now To Order!
    (mention order code LMS995 to get the special price given here!!)

    You've Heard Me Talk About The Design Consultation (Where I Meet With The Client Before Hand, Just To Chat, And Close The Deal And Get The Pre-Paid Creation Fee Upfront) - Well, Now You'll Sit In On One As I Walk You Through Every Part Of It!

        Todd also filmed me doing a complete design consultation - from beginning to end - and the great thing is that, the woman pretending to be the client is an actual professional photographer herself, and I told her to give me a really tough time! 

        You'll get to see how I take a resistent (sometimes difficult) client, and book her on the spot, and get the deposit!  This is SO much more effective than even watching a real design consulation, because this photographer is so tough on me - you see how easy it really can be when you know the secrets.

    (You see, since the woman playing the "client" is an actual photographer, she knows the tough - the almost impossible - objections, stalls, and resistence we get from our most troublesome potential clients, and she uses those on me!  Once you see how you can handle this type, you can do them all!)

    Have You Ever Thought "I Want To Hear & SEE An Ultra-Successful Photographer PRESENT THE IMAGES From Beginning To End - Nothing Cut Out Or Edited - So I Can Witness All The Steps He Uses To Get A Huge Average Sale Nearly Every Time."  If So, You're Gonna Do A Back Flip Over This:

    (by the way, I show you how to do this as a DIGITAL studio, or even if you're still using traditional film - all on this one set of DVDs!)

       Next, I realized that Todd had also filmed a complete PHOTOGRAPHIC PRESENTATION SESSION - from start to finish - where you get to see every step of how I get mega average sales nearly every time.   This is HUGE!  I can't even begin to express to you how amazing this hour and a half presentation session was!  I covered EVERYTHING here - stalls, objections to price and size, everything!

    In fact, here's what LARRY HARRINGTON, a professional photographer in Moorhead, MN has to say about the sales secrets he's received from me (NOTE:  He does not even have all the NEW stuff I'm telling you about here - and look how well he's doing!):

    "Chuck, I LOVE your sales secrets!  My sales have gone higher than I ever dreamed possible!  For example, I recently had a client who insisted she only wanted a couple of 8x10s, and yet when I followed your System to the TEE, she ended up investing $3000!  Thanks for all the sales secrets, tips and techniques.  They work!"

      Larry Harrington, Professional Photographer - Moorhead, MN

    I Even Found Footage Todd Filmed A Few Years Back Where I Take You On A Guided Tour Of All My Exhibits!  See Them Exactly As They Are - As Potential Clients See Them - And Discover Why I Created Them As I Did!  Includes My Symphony & Ballet Exhibits, As Well As My Mall Exhibits, Hair Salons, Banks, Movie Theaters And More!

        Okay - I give in!  I've been practically begged for years to reveal all the secrets to designing and laying out my exhibits.  Here, on this fast-paced and jam-packed DVD, I'll take you on a tour of my most effective exhibits. 

    I'm Talking FREE EXHIBITS Here - You Don't Pay a CENT To Display Them - And Each Of These Displays Can Bring In Ultra-Qualified Clients Already "PRE-SOLD" On Working With You!

        In addition, I'm including my TOP-SECRET "Get The Exhibit" system - which reveals in detail who to approach for exhibits, and what to say in every case to nearly insure they "fall under your spell" and agree to having you exhibit your work.  If you've ever wondered exactly what to say and when, or if you've had any trouble getting exhibits in your area, this system is a dream come true.

        Plus, we recorded tons of stuff to audio CD - secrets that you can discover as you're driving or working out - so you don't have to be in front of your T.V. all the time!

        I'd forgotten all about this set of materials!  It was only a short time ago, but it had completely slipped my mind!

        As I watched and listened to all these amazing secrets unfold on my television set and my CD player (I couldn't shut them off!) I realized almost instantly why I'd written that cryptic message in red sharpie marker on the labels.  If this information were to fall into the wrong hands - it could put some of my very best photography students (like you) out of business!  It would give your competition a leg-up that would be an unfair advantage, and you'd be spending all your time trying to catch up.


       ***You've said to yourself or someone close to you: "I'm sick and tired of sales theories and techniques and principles!  SELLING SUCKS!I want to ACTUALLY WATCH a mega-successful portrait and wedding photographer do an in-person sales presentation!"

    ***You've dreamt of taking a complete guided tour of one of the most successful photography studios in the country, and have the photographer tell you exactly why he designed and laid it out that way!

    ***You're sold on the whole "PROJECTION SESSION" way of presenting and selling your images, but what you really want is to actually SIT IN ON A PROJECTION SESSION, and watch and hear everything that's done to close MASSIVE average sales every time!  AND you want to see how this would be done with DIGITAL equipment or traditional equipment!

    ***You would like to take a completely free test-drive of this breakthru new TOP-SECRET "SUPER STUDIO-IN-A-BOX" for 12 full months before deciding if it's right for you.   PLUS, I'll give it to you at a special low price, never to be repeated!

    ANNOUNCEMENT - BIG NEWS - I'm Going To Duplicate These BRAND NEW DVDs and Audio CDs - Bundle Them With These Amazing New Workbooks I've Put Together - And Let 9 Photographers Who Visit This Hidden Page TEST-DRIVE THEM RIGHT NOW - Completely Risk-Free for 12 FULL MONTHS.   THE CATCH?  You Must Be One Of The First 9 To Order!

        Why all the secrecy and only allowing 9 photographers get this special deal?  Because this stuff is worth FAR MORE than I'm charging here.  Because I personally sent you the link to this hidden webpage, I know this will be perfect for you, and I'm willing to give you a special price right now, just to try it out.

  • LMS-boxSUPER STUDIO-IN-A-BOX!order-now-special


    Call 1-800-645-5199
    Right Now To Order!
    (mention order code LMS995 to get the special price given here!!)

  •     These DVDs, audio CDs, and top-secret documents reveal every aspect of selling photography - REGARDLESS OF WHETHER YOU'RE USING DIGITAL OR NOT! This will be the first and last product you'll ever need to invest in about selling photography - and it's the only system out there that will GUARANTEE that 9 out of 10 clients will buy AT LEAST A 24x30!

    No kidding - you're just agreeing to check these out, risk free, for up to 12 months - yes, 1 FULL YEAR.  You can return them to me for any reason within that time, and get your money back.  Plus, I only want you to keep them when they PROVE to you they can deliver.  So, if you don't see your average sale jump by at least 113%, you may return the recordings to me within 12 months for a full refund.  No problem.


        This stuff even surprised ME!  I'd forgotten how amazing this 5-day workshop was, and how many secrets were revealed during that time.  It took a bit of doing, but I got the photographers who attended, to agree to let me offer this TOP-SECRET MEGA-SYSTEM right now, but ONLY to a select group of photographers who showed a real DRIVE to be successful..  I can understand why they don't want every photographer in the country to know about this - so, at least for now, this is ONLY being offered to a select few photographers - like you.

    WARNING - THESE DVDs and CDs ARE HIGH-PACED, AND THE SECRETS YOU'LL DISCOVER CAN BE DANGEROUS IF PUT IN THE WRONG HANDS!  You'll Find Yourself Able To Sell Virtually Anything To Anybody - So I Have To Believe You're An Honest Person...

        I'm taking a leap of faith here.  I'm choosing to believe that you are an honest photographer - one who is not looking JUST to make a quick buck by lying, cheating, or manipulating people.  The secrets in this "SUPER STUDIO-IN-A-BOX" would show you how to sell bubblegum to a man with lockjaw if you wanted to, but that's not what we're about, right? 

        If these secrets can turn just about ANY PHOTOGRAPHER into an amazing salesperson, regardless of their ethics and morals, just imagine how great they will work for an honest and good photographer like yourself.  We're talking magic here.  Regardless of what you feel your abilities are as a salesperson, you WILL become a master seller of photography in ONE SHORT WEEK or less, guaranteed. 

    LISTEN TO WHAT DAVID JOHNSTON, a professional photographer in Ridgeland, MS has to say about my sales techniques (and he doesn't even have all the great stuff you're going to have!):

    "I'm so excited, and I wanted you to be the first to know.  I just had my biggest portrait sale ever - $8000!  I've been using your techniques, and they continue to make my business and my life so much more rewarding.  Thank you so much!"

        David Johnston, Ridgeland, MS

    Here's What This TOP-SECRET "Magic Selling System" Will Do For You:

    1.  You'll NEVER Fear The Sales Process Again .  When the phone rings, or a client comes into your studio, you'll KNOW that a great sale is going to come out of it!  No more sweaty palms as you pick up the phone.  No more wondering what's going to come out of your mouth as you deal with an objection.  You will, at last, become a session-booking super robot - raking in money as you thrill your clients!

    2.  Your Average Sale WILL Go Up By AT LEAST 113% .  This is a cold hard fact, based on my YEARS of revealing these secrets in high-priced workshops like the one this sytem was created from.  For example, if you're average sale right now is $1200, your average will jump to AT LEAST $2490 because of this system.  That's all PURE PROFIT, and it didn't cost you any more money in marketing!  If your average sale does NOT go up by 113%, you don't pay me.  (Read on for my no B.S., no strings, no joke guarantee.)  And this guarantee is IN ADDITION to the UNCONDITIONAL 12-MONTH MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE I'm giving you!

    3.  Your Competitors Will Call You - BEGGING You To Tell Them What You're Doing To Get Such Great Results!  No kidding - I've had this happen so many times!  Whether you want to tell them or not - that's up to you.  I'd probably keep these secrets to myself, if I were you.  You will be dominating your area so much, your competitors will be stunned by your success!

    4.  You'll Know IMMEDIATELY, And Without Thinking, How To Handle EVERY Objection You Hear On The Phone Or In Person - And You'll Turn Those Very Objections Into REASONS To Buy From You !  This is a huge one.  We've all heard the objections - "I need to check with my husband."  OR "We're just shopping around for prices." OR "Do I Get To Keep The Photo CD (or Negatives) At That Price?" - you'll be able to turn these AND THE 37 OTHER MOST COMMON OBJECTIONS into booked sessions and GREAT SALES nearly every time.

    5.  An AMAZING Training Tool For ANYONE Who Answers Your Phone Or Works One-On-One With A Client !  No joke - you'll literally be able to give this system to any staff member you may have, and within a week, they will become a session-booking, and wall-portrait-selling dynamo!  No work on your part!  These secrets have turned the worst sales-people into mega-booking pros in a very short time.

    6.   A Personal Guarantee That You'll NEVER Worry About Sales Again, And That Your Average Sale Will Go Up By AT LEAST 113% In Just A Few Short Weeks, Or You Don't Pay!  Top that guarantee - I dare anyone out there!  I'm putting my money where my mouth is - you're risking NOTHING (okay, just $13.50 for shipping).  Read on, and I'll tell you more about this amazing guarantee!

    There are SO many other benefits, but I'm running out of time to get this posted here - so we must move on!

  • LMS-boxSUPER STUDIO-IN-A-BOX!order-now-special


    Call 1-800-645-5199
    Right Now To Order!
    (mention order code LMS995 to get the special price given here!!)

  • You're Probably Wondering - "So, Chuck, What Kind Of Great Deal Are You Going To Give Me?"

        Well, here's the deal - and this is a one-time only deal for you, because it's a HIDDEN WEBPAGE offer only to people who requested the online audio program you listened to.  You'll probably not be able to get this product at this special offer ever again.

        Be one of the first 9 to call my office at 1-800-645-5199, or CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT THE "JUST SAY 'MAYBE' RESPONSE FORM", and I'll put you on the short list to receive this "SUPER STUDIO-IN-A-BOX" immediately.

        When these DVDs, CDs, and top-secret documents were created, I was paid $97,500 to put these secrets together for this elite group of photographers.  You'll get these secrets RISK-FREE to try out for yourself for 12 MONTHS, and I'll give you this amazing deal:

  • Here's EXACTLY What's Included:

    1.  MODULE #1:  Studio Layout And Design Secrets REVEALED - Mulitple DVDs, CDs and Top-Secret printed documents reveal all my secrets to laying out your studio for maximum profit and creative design!

    2.  MODULE #2:  De-Mystified - The Design Consultation - How To Get The Qualified Clients You've Always Wanted , And Get The Money TODAY - Multiple DVDs, CDs and Top-Secret printed documents, including an ENTIRE design consulation from beginning to end, so you can see exactly how it's done!

    3.  MODULE #3:  Top-Secret Evesdropping Telephone Role-Playing Sessions - 2 CD SET!   This is so informative, it should almost be illegal!  Actually, it WOULD be illegal, if I hadn't gotten a signed release from the attendees of my 5-day event...  Here, you will get to listen in on our confidential and top-secret TELEPHONE ROLEPLAYING SESSIONS, where a number of the attendees stepped up to the plate and did a role-play with me.  You get to hear how they answer the phone, and how Todd and I critique their technique and help them improve.  If you've ever wondered how other photographers handle their telephone, you'll love this one!

    4.  MODULE #4:  Complete LIVE PROJECTION SALES SESSION - Unedited From Beginning To End - Multiple DVDs and accompanying CDs and top-secret documentation.  You'll get to see an entire portrait projection sales session from beginning to end - and I take a LONG time in my projection appointments - you see it ALL!   See how I project the images, how I deal with the clients, and how I close a very high average sale nearly ever time.  Nothing can beat seeing it done live!

    5.  MODULE #5:  Exhibit Tour of Grand Rapids BONUS DVD & "Get The Exhibit" Special Report - as I mentioned earlier, I get more requests to see what my actual exhibits look like than just about anything else.  Here, I'll take you on a tour of my best exhibits - and you'll discover how to create your own from the ground up.  Also, I'll tell you what to say, and to whom you should say it, to get more exhibits than you ever thought possible.

  • YOU GET ALL THIS RISK-FREE FOR 12 MONTHS - Look It Over.  Watch The DVDs.  Listen To The CDs.  Use These Secrets And Watch Your Average Sale SKYROCKET!  

    If it doesn't work - If you don't see a HUGE increase in your bottom line, you don't pay.

        THIS IS A "HIDDEN WEBPAGE" LIMITED OFFER ONLY!   I'm rewarding you for taking action now - after this, the price goes WAY up.

        If and when this is made available to the rest of the photographers out there, it will have a regular price of $2997.00.  I'll let you have this entire system of DVDs, CDs, and tons of pages of top-secret photo sales documents - a lifetime of PROVEN sales secrets - for just $1247.00  Period.  That's it.  You save $1750.00! 

    I'll even break it into 5 EZ-payments on your credit card at no charge!  That's just 5 payments of $249.40 each


    YOU'RE ONLY SAYING "MAYBE" HERE.  You Are Not Obligated To Keep The System For Any Reason - In Fact, I'll DEMAND THEM BACK, And I'll Give You All Your Money Back, If They Don't Increase Your Average Sale By At Least 113% ALMOST INSTANTLY !

        No kidding - you're just agreeing to check these out, risk free, for up to 12 months - yes, 1 FULL YEAR.  You can return them to me for any reason within that time, and get your money back.  Plus, I only want you to keep them when they PROVE to you they can deliver.  So, if you don't see your average sale jump by at least 113%, you may return the recordings to me within 12 months for a full refund.  No problem.


    bonusBonus #1 - $700 VALUE - A 30 MINUTE ONE-ON-ONE Sales Session with Todd - PLUS A 30 MINUTE Studio Layout Consulation Session with ME - FREE!  (but you MUST be one of the first 9 to call or fax RIGHT NOW!)

        My son Todd is one of the best salespeople I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.  Along with this set, as long as you order RIGHT NOW, you'll get a certificate for a 30 minute one-on-one TOLL FREE phone consultation with Todd, where he'll help you customize your sales presentation. 

        Don't worry - you'll not be criticized or put on the spot, he'll simply help you to apply these secrets to your specific photography business by helping you work out all your unique factors, work on tone of voice, and give you some key points that will work great based on your own personality.  This call is a $350 value, and it's yours FREE, as long as you're one of the first 9 to "test drive" this system right now.  You'll be able to schedule this call with Todd around your schedule after you get your package.


    bonusBonus #2 - PLUS, I'll Take A Look At Photos Of Your Studio Layout, and Consult With You ONE-ON-ONE On How To Make Quick, Easy, and Inexpensive Improvements!

        During this 30-minute call, I'll look at snapshots of your studio, and help you to know what should be changed.  And I'll even bet you that I'll come up with AT LEAST 23 THINGS that should be changed, or I'll send you a check for $100! 

        No kidding!  I've yet to critique a studio layout and have any less than 23 things that needed improvement.  Don't worry, you're NOT going to have to spend lots of money to make the changes.  I'm an expert at making low-cost simple improvements that can be done quickly.

        This is also a $350 value - so you're getting $700 worth of bonus consulting for FREE, as long as you're one of the first 9 to agree to test-drive the "SUPER STUDIO-IN -A-BOX" risk-free as part of this HIDDEN WEBPAGE offer.


    Sorry, I don't have time to tell you much more, got a bunch of projects to get to here - if you have ANY questions, call TODD right now, and he'll answer them for you!

        You can reach Todd by calling him at 1-800-645-5199.  He can tell you more about this amazing "SUPER STUDIO-IN-A-BOX", and remember - you get it RISK-FREE!  If it doesn't work, or you don't like it for any reason, return it within 12 months for a full and complete refund.  No hard feelings at all.



    Charles J. Lewis, M. Photog. Cr.
    Dedicated to Making Your Photography Business ULTRA-SUCCESSFUL

         PS. - CLICK HERE or CALL 1-800-645-5199 RIGHT NOW.  If you get my machine, leave a message - we will let people have these packages in the order they come in.  OH, AND BY THE WAY, only the first 9 to call get the fantastic bonuses I mentioned!  12 month risk-free trial, and you save $1750 if you decide to keep it, and you'll get my personal guarantee that your sales will jump by 113% or more.  You'll never fear the sales process again!  Call 1-800-645-5199 now.

  • LMS-boxSUPER STUDIO-IN-A-BOX!order-now-special


    Call 1-800-645-5199
    Right Now To Order!
    (mention order code LMS995 to get the special price given here!!)



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