It’s Not What Happens With Your Photography Business, It’s How You Respond

I first heard those words from Zig Ziglar many years ago.  And it’s so true.  We are all where we are in our photography business because of how we have responded to the many “challenges” we have faced over the years.

Now is no exception.  How you are responding to your photography marketing and sales challenges right now is determining where your photo business is going.  If you’re choosing to become negative, pessimistic and cynical, you will be going in one direction.  If you’re choosing to be positive, optomistic and excited about the future, you’ll be going in a totally different direction with your photography.

A quick suggestion:  Be very careful how you start your day.  How the first hour of your day goes, so goes your day.  So it’s important you take charge of your life and your time – and carefully craft that first hour so you have time for planning, thinking and studying to improve.  I take one hour EVERY morning and do this.  It is, in my opinion, one of the keys to my success in photography!

Yes, your marketing, selling, pricing, merchandising are important to your photography success.  Yes, the quality of your photography is important.  But unless you have a plan – a proven plan for it all, you will not go anywhere near where you could have gone!  And that “plan” will come together for you based on your consistent, organized use of the first hour of your day.

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