Photography Marketing & Selling Secret #37: Seven Secrets To Success In Photography

Here's 7 Key Areas That Will Grow Your Photography Business Fast!

Here’s 7 Key Areas That Will Grow Your Photography Business Fast!

Photography marketing and selling requires self-discipline!   Frankly, most photographers are not happy because they aren’t doing what needs to be done to build a successful photography business.

They hate photography marketing.  They don’t want to learn how to sell their photography.  They think that most marketing doesn’t work, and that photographic selling is trickery or pressure.

They are totally unsure of how to build a successful photography business, so they don’t accomplish anywhere near what they dreamed they would.  Sad, but true.

You see, the successful photographer knows precisely what he or she wants, and moves on his or her own initiative to achieve it.

As Napoleon Hill said, “The person who is not successful has no definite purpose in life, and believes that all success is the result of ‘luck,’ and moves on his or her own initiative ONLY when forced to do so.

So if you sincerely want to make your living doing what you love to do – photography – then you need to start forming the HABITS that will assure you of achieving that.

Here’s a short list of some of my favorite “key habits” to success in photography, that most photographers don’t know and very possibly will never know.

1.  PTS Time every single morning.  “Planning, Thinking, Studying.”

As the first hour of your day goes, so goes your day. Always sit down with NO TV, NO RADIO, no newspaper, no noise, and invest 60 minutes first thing in the morning to use your brain.  One of the biggest mistakes most photographers make is they don’t take time to think, in peace & quiet. This is the first habit you must form, to be the success you dream of.

2.  Have written specific goals, for yourself and your photography business, with deadlines, which are measurable, so you know when you have achieved them. Write them in your Journal (you do have a Journal, don’t you?) You do this as part of your “Thinking” time in your “PTS Time” each morning. It’s a habit you must form, if you desire to be successful.

3.  Plan out every day – in detail – based on your photographic goals – know exactly what it is you want to accomplish, and how long it’s going to take you.

Prioritize your day. Have a “Things To Do List” that lists those things you want to be sure you do today, listed in the order of importance.  Then start with #1 and get it done!

4.  Set rewards for yourself and your staff, if you have a staff – for each successful accomplishment of each major goal in your photography business. Make it a game. What do you “win” when you accomplish a goal?

By the way, it’s your goals that give your life meaning. They keep you motivated, driven, and getting up early, and staying up late.

5.  Think before you speak.  Realize the “ARP Law” – that your success in photography depends on your Ability to Relate to People.  You can not become successful by yourself.  So how you relate to your prospects, clients and staff is extremely important.

Most people just say something, without thinking carefully how it could affect the person they are saying it to. The result is many people are “turned off” and are not there to help you get where you want to go.

6.  Stay positive.  Have a positive outlook and realize that there IS HOPE – that if you follow the plan, you will succeed and get where you want to be with your photography.

Obviously, you must have a plan – a “System” – that is proven to work, and that you follow exactly to achieve your goals. Life is too short to try to come up with the plan yourself. It takes years to get things working that way. But if you will use a PROVEN PLAN, you’ll succeed much more quickly & easily.

7.  Become obsessed with providing the highest quality photography and service, with the best of attitudes, because you love what you do.  Show your enthusiasm for what you do – so everyone you come in contact with can clearly see how much you love it.

You and I love what we do. If we didn’t love photography, we’d do something else, as there are many ways to make a living. We’re in photography because we love it – and love seeing our clients LOVE it, too!  So be sure you SHOW everyone how excited you are about what you do! People want to work with people who love what they do!

You can do what you actually dream of doing.  You can achieve your goals – if you will just set them.  You can “leap frog” over everyone else and move to the top of your profession in your community by taking action – actually DOING the right things – regardless of what other people say about it.

Honestly, there is nothing finer than doing what you love to do, and getting darn well paid for doing it!

All the best,

Charles Lewis, M. Photog., Cr.


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