Secret To Success: Don’t Let The Inmates Run The Asylum!

Who’s running who?  Are you running your photo business, or is the business running you?  Here’s a couple of important keys to my success – and they will work for you, too!

1.  Never let your “Originals” (Prooooofs, previews, thumbnails) leave the studio. – Don’t print out anything they can take home.  If you do this,your sales will suck and not only do you lose, but your clients lose, too.  They will not end up with the photographs in the correct sizes that will allow them to enjoy the images the most in their home.

2.  Never let your client see her images without you first editing them carefully yourself.  Do NOT show her the images right after the session.  Set up a different time for her to see them, so you have time to do the editing in advance.

3.  Never do a photo session without first meeting the client ahead of time to find out what she wants and what’s most important to her.  This is one of the MAJOR keys to my success.  Don’t miss this!

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