Photography Marketing And Selling Tip: A Proven Way To Get More Customers Into Your Photography Business

There's A Lot Of Success To Be Enjoyed In Photography If You Just Learn The Secrets!

There’s A Lot Of Success To Be Enjoyed In Photography If You Just Learn The Secrets!

Trying to market and sell your photography without being able to tell your prospects clearly  what it is that’s “unique” about you is like trying to push water uphill with your nose… it’s just not going to work.

This is a powerful photography marketing and selling secret that almost all photographers miss.

Let me ask you a question:  (Well, actually two questions.)  What’s unique about you?  Why should I hire you to create my photographs for me, over all the other choices I have?

I do a lot of one-on-one coaching and consulting with professional photographers all over the world.  When I ask them the above two questions, I usually get three answers:

1. “I’m fast.”

2.  “I’m good.”

3.  “I’m cheap.”

That’s about all they can think of.   After that, their mind goes blank.  That’s just not going to be effective in this day and this economy.  (Actually, it never was effective!)

It’s very important to talk about your Unique Factors when speaking with a prospect on the telephone, on e-mail, or in person.  Why?  Because that’s what they really want to know.  Why should they pick you?  What’s special about you?  What’s unique?  But it’s so strange — they don’t ask you this question outright.  Instead they ask you something like “How much do you cost?”

So it’s up to you to realize the real information they want to find out is what’s special about you, and why they should pick you over all the other photographers in the area.  If you do this right, you will see a HUGE jump in your profits!  I’m living proof of this.

Here’s 4 powerful tips to using what’s unique about you to make your photography marketing and selling much more effective and successful:

1:  Lock yourself away somewhere that you won’t be interrupted for an hour, and start jotting down everything you can think of that’s unique and special about you and your photography business.  Your goal is to come up with 10 Unique Factors for Portraits, and 10 for Wedding Photography.

2:  Always make your #1 Unique Factor your guarantee.  Be proud of your guarantee and talk about it all the time.  You must remove all the risk off of your prospects and clients in order to get them to make a decision and hire you today.

3:  After each of the Unique Factors you come up with, write down what this Unique Factor means to your clients.  Ask yourself, “So what?”  What’s this unique factor mean to the client or prospect?  It’s important to always speak in terms of BENEFITS to your prospects and clients.

4. Always incorporate these Unique Factors into all your communications with prospects and clients.  Just keep reminding yourself about this, so you always remember to mention a good Unique Factor that applies directly to something the prospect has said to you.

For example, let’s say you’re talking on the phone with a prospect, and she responds to one of your questions by saying her 3 year old child is very nervous around people she doesn’t know.  Then you can respond by saying:  “One of the things that separates our photography studio from all the others in the area is that we take the time to meet you, and meet your child, ahead of time.  This way she can get to know us and begin to feel much more comfortable around us.  What this means to you is that on the day of the photography, she will be more relaxed, and her expressions will be so much more natural and real.”

See how this works?  It’s amazingly effective.

Forming a list of your Unique Factors, and using them all the time in your dealings with your prospects will dramatically increase your bookings, sales, profits and cash flow in your photography business.

Now, I know you’d rather be doing photography than working on your Unique Factors.  But the work you do on this right now will form the backbone of your photography business from this day forward, and bring you more clients than you will ever need.  It’s THAT important.


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