How To Have Substantial Photography Sales Almost Every Time!

You and I didn't go into the photography business JUST for the money. Of course not. But you DO deserve to earn a GREAT living with your images!

You and I didn’t go into the photography business JUST for the money. Of course not. But you DO deserve to earn a GREAT living with your images!

Photography marketing is not easy. It takes a lot of work to get a good, qualified person to contact you about the possibility of having you create some photography for her.

Then ….

it takes a lot of skill to have her actually hire you to be her photographer and give you money.

So once you have a paying client, let’s make darn sure you earn a GREAT living creating images for her!

To accomplish this, let’s talk today about a HUGE “law” of photography success:

Here’s the law:

“The first impression your client receives of the images you created for her, is the LASTING IMPRESSION”.

This is a proven law of human psychology – you and I have heard this all our lives.  But it’s especially valuable for the success of your photography business.

Think about it this way:

If she first see’s her portraits on a computer screen, so each image is about 8×10 or so, or if she sees them all on the screen at once, so each one is about 2×3 or so – or whatever – this becomes her “first impression” of her images you created for her.

Now, if you are a “good” photographer – that is, her images are excellent, and she likes them – then she is going to LIKE these 2×3 or 8×10 images she’s seeing on the monitor – because you’re a good photographer and the images are good.

So what does this do? It causes her to form a FIRST IMPRESSION of her images looking GOOD at these small sizes.

So that’s what she buys, because that was her first impression of her images.

Plus, she doesn’t really value her images very highly, since all she’s looking at is her photos on a computer monitor – which she does often with her own snapshots anyway – nothing new here….

But, if she comes into your photography business, or you go to her home, and the first impression of her portraits is of a 40×60 or 30×40 projected onto canvas, in a frame, over a sofa,  her first impression is going to be tremendously different, isn’t it?!

And this first impression (along with you volunteering the investment for this beautiful image) becomes the first impression that stays in her mind.  So when you project a 24×30 or a 20×24, a little later,  these sizes will look positively tiny, and seem INEXPENSIVE to her!

See the difference?

With digital, it is SO EASY to do this – and it will make such a terrific improvement in your sales averages and profits! All you need is some software that will project the portraits to a specific size for you, and NOT have anything project onto the wall outside of the frame you are projecting into. (No “desktop, etc.)  I highly recommend ProSelect software. It’s perfect for this, and works really well!

The fact is: How you present your images to your clients is the single biggest decision of your entire photography career.  By projecting your images, into a frame, over a sofa, you are showing your client how beautiful her portraits will look in her home, and you’re using the “First Impression” to show her how wonderful her images will look in wall sizes in her home.  Do this correctly, and your sales & profits will be substantial.

So if you’re not making as much money with your photography business, look first at how you are presenting your images to your clients! It took me years to discover this, and it has had a HUGE impact on my photography business! It will for you, as well!

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