How You, A Professional Photographer, Can Stay Driven, Motivated And Positive In Today’s Challenging Times In The Photography Industry

stick_figure_leaning_on_stopwatch_400_wht_13325To quote Napoleon Hill "Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind of man can achieve. The person determined to attain success starts were he stands, making the best of whatever tools he has and acquiring whatever else he needs along the way. Start from wherever you stand – today."

That's great advice, and I'm an avid student of Napoleon Hill – but how do you stay motivated every day to take action on the things you need to do?

Here are six irrefutable laws of photography motivation & success:

1. You become like those you spend time with.

Most photographers don't realize how powerful this is! But the fact of the matter is you do actually become like those people who you spend time with! It's a very subtle gradual change in your thinking and behavior, but over time it totally changes who you are – for the better or worse, and how successful, or unsuccessful you are in your photography business.

2. As the first hour of your day goes, so goes your day.

I can't remember who I first learned this from, but if I could I would certainly give him or her credit here. But this is especially true of us professional photographers, because we are in an artistic profession. It's a fact: as the first hour of your day goes so goes your day! This is why it's so important for you to be very deliberate with how your first hour of each day goes! I recommend that you start each and every day with what I call PTS time – planning thinking and study time – With no TV, radio, social media, etc.

3. You are where you are in your life and in your photography business, because of what has gone into your mind and you can change where you are by changing what goes into your mind. This has a huge amount to do with your success in photography – Because you own the business. You are the business.

So what's going into your mind daily? What are you reading, listening to, or watching right now? It's important! Here are three recommendations to get you started in the right direction: A. The great book "Napoleon Hill's a year of growing rich – 52 steps to achieving life's rewards" B. "Your roadmap for success" by John C. Maxwell C. Become a member of "The Charles Lewis photography inner circle group" (see below)

4. You become what you think about. Our culture does not encourage thinking. It's sad but true. So I ask you – what are you thinking about day in and day out? This is why it's so important for you to start your day in the right way so that it puts the right thoughts into your mind and your attitude.

5. Have very specific goals, with deadlines & be sure those goals are measurable.

Review them every day in your pts time. This is the best way to stay motivated through good times & difficult times, as it constantly reminds you of what you are working so hard for.

6. Constantly beware of the "dangerous people."

The dangerous people are the people who will tell you you can't do it, or it won't work in your area, or now isn't a good time, or it'll work in one part of the country but not in another. They are wrong! But, since they are close to you you feel they must know you. So you are very tempted to take their advice. And if you take their advice, you will never end up where you're dreaming and wanting to go.

If you will live by the above six key points, you will find yourself heading every day towards your ultimate goal and having an extremely successful photography business that earns you the money you know you deserve to earn.

So what do you do next? Start by spending more time on this blog. Use the search bar to search on keywords that you are most interested in to help you build the photography business of your dreams. There's a lot here, and there's a LOT of money to be earned in photography today!

And for sure join my "Inner Circle Group" - let me give you the details , templates, tools and specifics of exactly how to build the photography business of your dreams and still have the free time to spend with your loved ones and build a lifestyle you have always wanted. Click here for more information. It will be my honor to help you move toward your dreams! The photography business is a wonderful business to be in right now as long as you run the business in a proven, successful way! I'll show you the way!

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