Photography Marketing & Selling Secret #21: Never Let Your Original Images Leave Your Photo Biz

Here's a HUGE Tip To Increasing Your Photography Business Success

Here's a HUGE Tip To Increasing Your Photography Business Success

Never let the original images (“proofs or thumbnails” or whatever) leave your photography business.  And, by the way,  that includes posting them online, too!

This is a HUGE mistake I see photographers making all over the world right now, and it’s costing them thousands of lost dollars, pounds, euros, etc.

Here’s an important sentence to remember always:  “Just because we CAN do it doesn’t mean that we SHOULD do it!”

Trust me, you do NOT want to be posting your images online so people can go see them and “place their order” on the Internet.  And you don’t want to put them on a CD so they can take them home and make their decisions. Why not?  Because ….. the “order” they place will suck – no matter how “good” a photographer you are!

If you are doing this at the moment, I urge you to stop immediately. It’s killing your sales & profits.

Personal portraiture & wedding photography require personal one-on-one service from you as the artist/craftsperson.  This is NOT pressure, it’s good service.  It’s being with your clients to help them make the right decisions for THEM.

Yes, if you present your images correctly while you’re meeting with them (Secret #6) you will make a lot more money, too, but the primary reason is to take good care of your clients and help them make the right decisions for themselves and their family, so they will get the maximum enjoyment out of their images.   It’s totally a “win-win” situation for everyone.

You have spent years learning how to create the images you create. Plus, you have invested a lot of time and effort to actually create the photographs for your clients.  Now, don’t screw everything up by not investing a little more time & effort in presenting these beautiful images to your clients in person with them!

So do NOT fall into the trap of posting your images online or sending them home with your clients in ANY form.  You are an artist. You create lovely images.  Now act like it and take good care of your clients.  They will thank you for it.

All the best to you and your photography,

Charles Lewis

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