Photography Marketing & Selling Secret #26: Five Great Ways To Market Photography Today

One Of The Major Keys To Photography Success Is Your Marketing!

One Of The Major Keys To Photography Success Is Your Marketing!

Photography marketing is one of the most important areas of your photography business.  You must become as effective with your marketing of your photography business as you are with the photography itself.

Here are five excellent, proven methods of marketing your photography business today:

1. Website – yes of course all businesses have a website of some kind. The key is to make sure that the website accomplishes the primary objective. What is the objective of that website? It’s either to get the prospect to directly contact you, so you can start building the relationship and implement the selling process, or at least to capture the name and email address of the visitor so you can stay in touch with her from that moment forward.

Most photographer’s websites are terrible – if you rate them based on the above paragraph. Yes they may be “pretty,” but are they also PERSUASIVE enough to get someone to …contact you, or at least leave their name and email address with you? This is way more important to your photography business success than you might realize.

For a short video where I talk about what your website should look like, click here

2. Exhibits – one of the all-time best ways to market your photography business is to have exhibits of your photographs proudly displayed throughout your community. Your goal should be to have 12 permanent exhibits in your community +2 traveling exhibits. If you do this, you will be shocked and amazed at how many people contact you telling you they love your photography and want to work with you.

And just to be absolutely clear – even today, with all the Internet marketing opportunities, exhibits are STILL one of the all time best ways to market your photography business! Why? Because the prospect can take her time, look at your beautiful images in real life – beautifully enhanced, framed & signed.

To discover how to GET free exhibits all over your town, click here

3. Lift Cards on exhibits. One of the keys to successful exhibits is to not put business cards on your exhibits. That’s old technology. Instead you want to use what we call “Lift Cards.” Lift cards are approximately 6″ x 9″ in size. On one side is a compelling headline and three or four photographs along with raving testimonials from those clients – right underneath each of the photographs. On the other side of the Lift Card is another great headline and a whole bunch of persuasive copy designed specifically to get the prospect to take the next easy, “baby step” – to either call you on the telephone or visit your website or send you an e-mail.

If you’re an Inner Circle member of mine, click here to be taken to a page on my members only Online Vault, and see a short video about our Lift Cards, and to DOWNLOAD one of our Lift Cards!

4. Emails to previous clients & new prospective clients.  Once you start collecting email addresses of all the clients you work with, as well as interested prospects who you haven’t worked with yet, you now have a valuable marketing tool known as a “house list.”  This can be extremely valuable to you, if you use it correctly. Use email technology to stay in contact with, and maintain the relationship with these people. And occasionally to offer them very special exclusive offers to work with you.

5. Facebook & other social media – social media is all about relationships. And success in the photography business is also all about relationships – building and maintaining them. So obviously you’re going to use social media technology to further your photography business success. If you’re not doing it already, be sure you get the Facebook address and the twitter address of all the people you talk with so that you can request to become a friend or follower with them.

If you’re a member of my Inner Circle, click here to be taken to a page on the members only Online Vault to watch the replay of a GREAT webinar we recently presented to our members all about how to use FACEBOOK to bring in great photography clients! The great photographer & business person, Thomas Morelli – who I call “The Facebook King” shows you his great secrets!

One of the all time biggest mistakes I made in my photography business back when I was just getting going, was I basically ignored the people I had talked with and/or worked with in the past. I thought I had to put all my marketing efforts into getting “new” people. But by ignoring those folks I had met with and worked with before, I missing out on one of the most profitable parts of a photography business – repeat business.

If you will make the commitment to invest the time and effort into the above five photography marketing areas, you will enjoy profits and cash flow with your photography business which are far beyond your dreams.

All the best,

Charles J. Lewis
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2 Responses to Photography Marketing & Selling Secret #26: Five Great Ways To Market Photography Today

  1. January 7, 2013 at 11:54 pm

    Hello Charles,
    First of all, I want to say thank you for all you do.I began using projection about 7 months ago. It took me a few times to get the hang of it…..and I am still learning Pro Select, but my sales have gone from an average of $150 to an avg of about $700. My largest sale from one session in November was $4700. The sales part of this business has become almost my favorite part!!!!! I plan to continue to implement many more of your suggestions this year….especially on the marketing side. I am really wanting to develop my baby program and feel that I need to purchase a list to do this successfully. I have not had much luck with the facebook marketing…so, I assume I am not wording it correctly. I have listened to and downloaded some of Tom Morelli’s stuff….which is great…but I just need some advice on the list purchase because I do not want to waste my money. I know you are busy and if you do not have time to answer…I understand.
    Tammy Thomas

    • February 25, 2013 at 1:04 pm

      Hi Tammy – thanks for your kind words. Glad to be of help. Best thing for a good list is to contact a List Broker – you can find them online. Or, if you prefer, you can contact Tom Morelli, and ask him which broker he uses for his Baby Plan. He talked about this in his Baby Plan webinar series he did with us for our Inner Circle members, as you know, and I’m sure he will be happy to tell you who he uses.
      Hope this helps,

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