Photography Marketing & Selling Secret #27: A Huge Photo Marketing “Trick” That Most Photogs Don’t Know

Almost No Photographers Do This, & It's Costing Them Thousands In Lost Profits!

Almost No Photographers Do This, & It's Costing Them Thousands In Lost Profits!

Photography marketing is extremely important to the success of any photography business. There is a huge photography marketing “trick” that almost no photographers know about, and if you use this trick, your photography marketing (and profits) will improve dramatically.

You see, marketing photography takes time. That’s right, if you want to be successful at marketing your photography business, you’re going to have to put time into the marketing every single week.

You and I did not go into the photography business just for the money. Of course not.  But making a great profit is extremely important – because if you don’t make the money, you can’t stay in business doing what you and I love to do – which is photography.

So what’s this “trick” to photography marketing? …

It’s to SCHEDULE  your photography marketing time. You need to look at your photography marketing as if it were an appointment with a client. You put it on your calendar just exactly the same way that you schedule a photography appointment.

The key is, rather than taking the time to schedule it every single week into your calendar, you simply put it on your calendar at the same day and time every week. Most photographers don’t realize that in order to be successful, at least 20% of their time absolutely MUST be devoted to marketing their photography business.

So simply make one day of the week your “marketing day.”  For example let’s say you decide that Wednesdays are going to be marketing day from now on. So you simply go through your calendar for the rest of the year and scratch off every single Wednesday so you can’t have any appointments that day – and just write on that day the word “marketing.”

This will mean (as long as you stick to the schedule) that if you work a five day week at your photography business, you will be devoting 20% of your time to marketing. (and that’s a minimum amount of time to put into your photography marketing. 30% would be even better!)

Don’t be tempted to cheat – and book a client on your marketing days. That’s a no-no. What this is going to do is force you, every week, to concentrate on that all important marketing aspect of your photography business. You’ll be making your marketing plan, refining it, and putting it into action on your marketing days.

Within a couple of weeks of doing this, you will find yourself planning exactly what you’re going to be working on during each of your marketing days. It just becomes the way the world is to you. You’ll find yourself much more organized, and more focused on the marketing aspects of your photography business, which will result in more clients – and more profits for you.

I know this may sound like an extremely simple” trick” – but I assure you that once you start doing this, you will be thrilled with the results and amazed at how much better your photography marketing is working. Photography marketing is an extremely important part of building a successful photography business, and if you don’t schedule it into your calendar, it will get pushed out of the way for something that seems more urgent at the moment.

All the best,

Charles J. Lewis, M. Photog., Cr.

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