Your Financial Freedom Isn’t “Free” – It Takes Conscious Effort In The Right Areas

I urge all my photography friends, members and “students” to make a decision, a resolution if you will today.  Resolve that from this day forward, to assure your financial independence, you will put AS MUCH TIME AND EFFORT into the MARKETING, PRICING AND SELLING areas of your photography business as you put into your photography itself.

Remember, contrary to what many photographers believe, no matter how “good” your photography is, it WILL NOT SELL ITSELF.  And who cares how “good” you are if no one knows you exist.

Now, I’m not talking about using trickery, manipulation pressure or any other types of bad sales and marketing tricks.  Not at all.  I’m talking about making the consious effort every day to “find out what your prospects and clients WANT, and then use your amazing tallent to help them to get exactly what they want.  Your client benefits, with photography that THRILLS her, but you also benefit by greater financial reward for your hard work.

Then you go to the next level by using proven, honest sales, pricing and marketing techniques that will make it easy for your clients and prospects to invest in your images, and tell all their friends about how much they love what you created for them.  They benefit with your beautiful images in their home.  You benefit with increased financial independence and freedom.

I’m just like you – I LOVE photography – but I used to be less than enthusiastic about marketing, pricing and selling.  But you know what?  Without working HARD on developing my marketing, pricing and selling skills, I would have gone out of business years and years ago.  So the older I become, the more I see that “the successful photographers FORCE themselves to learn the things that the failures don’t want to learn.”

In future posts, I will share with you the amazing techniques I have discovered over the years that have resulted in my photographic success and financial freedom. All the best,


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  1. November 5, 2009 at 9:53 am

    Great blog. Do you know of any relevant forums or discussion groups?

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