Your Photography Marketing & Selling Success Totally Depends On Your …

Your Success Depends On Way More Than Just Your Photo Talent!

Your Success Depends On Way More Than Just Your Photo Talent!

…any idea what the rest of that sentence is?  If I had a gun to your head, and asked you to complete the sentence correctly or I’d pull the trigger, what would your answer be?

As I’ve mentioned many times, it’s extremely difficult to narrow anything down to just ONE THING. Everything in the photography business is interconnected.

But I just finished our “Inner Circle Call-In-Day” where I take personal calls and questions on the telephone from my members, and one of the conversations I had today caused me to write this post today…

Your photography marketing and selling success totally depends on your….

attitude.  Let me explain:

This member was really depressed, discouraged and negative. (But at least he knew it, and that was why he called me today!) He wondered what he could do to “fix” the problem.

My answer: PTS Time – which I have talked about before, so I won’t walk you through it all again today. (By the way, this month’s Inner Circle Newsletter reveals the “9 Power Secrets” to my success in photography, and PTS Time is one of them, and I explain it all in detail!)

Anyway, we talked about the fact that if you don’t take time to USE your brain, before all the stuff you need to do starts driving your day, you’ll never grow and do the things you really need to do to be successful with your marketing and selling, and your attitude will suffer because of all the negativity in the world these days.  You see, as the first hour of your day goes, so goes your day. So it’s up to you to be sure that first hour starts off correctly and positively.

So here’s the thing: If you are having troubles with your marketing or selling, look first at your attitude towards what it is you do – your photography – and what the images you are creating mean to your clients. If your attitude is the least bit negative or depressed – for any reason -  this will totally affect everything else you do to build up your business!

It’s totally YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to maintain a good, positive, healthy attitude at all times.  No one else can do it for you. And if you fail at this responsibility, everything else will fall apart around you.  So do whatever is necessary to get yourself at the “top of your game” as far as your attitude goes.

Here’s a couple of suggestions on what to do:

1. Read or listen to positive books, CD’s videos – every single day – at the beginning of the day. Put the positive in, to help yourself remain positive for the entire day.

2. Set some great goals – those are what will keep you motivated and positive. For example, maybe you’ve always wanted to take an Alaskan Cruise. Set the dates, pick the cruise, and then set a goal you must reach, in order to be able to actually take that cruise.

3. Stay away from the negative, dangerous people who will tell you that now is not the right time, or you can’t do it, or things are so terrible, etc. etc.  Surround yourself with positive people and get as far away from the negative people as you can.

4.  Pick a positive, successful “mentor” to communicate with and to model yourself after.

If you will do these things, you will see magical things start happening!  Your marketing will start working better! It’s like a miracle. And you’ll start doing additional marketing that you knew you should be doing, but just didn’t feel like doing! Things will pick up!  And your sales will improve dramatically. People can easily tell what your real attitude is, and that attitude has a HUGE effect on your sales!

If you’d like to know about my Inner Circle Photography Money Making Group – go to THIS PAGE.Chuck

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  1. Dennis Whitworth
    March 11, 2010 at 7:28 pm

    GREAT Stuff Chuck!

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