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When it comes to photography marketing, I remember the first time I went in to meet the Marketing Director of one of our largest malls – to get a free display there (which I DID get, by the way.)

Sitting on her desk was a sign that said, “A terrible thing happens if you don’t market correctly …  nothing!”

I’ll never forget that.  So I ask you, are you marketing your photography business?  Are you doing something EVERY DAY to advertise your photography business?  Because if you aren’t, then a terrible thing is going to happen … nothing.

For today, here’s what I recommend you do if you want more business right away – fast.  If you’re not bringing in the money you want and need … here’s what I suggest you do today:  Go through your list of people you have worked with in the past.  (I call these my “VIP’S” – Very Important Patrons.

Now, pick out the “Top Ten” – those top best clients you have worked with before, who you would like to work with again.  Now pick up the telephone (yes – the phone – not email) and call each one of them.  It may take several tries during the day to reach them in person – do not leave a message.  Tell her how much you have enjoyed working with her in the past.  Let her know you miss her, and would love to work with her again.  Ask about her family and children, and how they are doing.

In other words, RESTART the relationship.  Now, you’re not trying to sell her anything here – you’re just letting her know how you miss her and enjoyed getting to know her and her family.  Then check to make sure you have her current e-mail address, so you can stay in touch with her from time to time that way as well.

That’s all there is to it.  Watch what happens…

I’ll talk about what you do next with those 10 names, in my next post.

All the best,


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