Strong Photography Marketing and Selling Ideas And Techniques Make The Difference

Just a short note to answer anyone out there wondering if the photography industry is okay or not. Yes it is!  It’s going to be just fine. What’s happening now is going to be determining which photographers survive and grow and prosper, and which ones disappear and are gone forever.  In upcoming posts, I will be guiding you through my photography business – from a sales, marketing and pricing point of view.  If you’re just starting a photography business, or are a seasoned pro, you’ll discover ideas, tips, techniques and secrets that have taken me years to discover, refine, and “lewisize” into my photography business.  (I discovered many of the techniques from OTHER INDUSTRIES – NOT photography!)  You’ll see our “Business Plan” for our photography business, and exactly what we are doing and have done to get where we are, and build a terrifically successful photography studio business in an extremely competitive market place.  Stay tuned.

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