Photography Marketing & Selling: The Best Question To Ask To Build A Successful Photo Business

Ask the right question and watch your sales soar!

Ask the right question and watch your sales soar!

Your photography sales skills and marketing skills are intertwined.  What good does it do to be a master photo marketer if when a prospect contacts you because of your marketing, you screw it up and lose her because you can’t sell on the phone when she calls?

Now, I’m NOT talking about pressure, trickery or manipulation of any kind.  That is NOT good selling.  But there are skills which, if you master them, will make you a lot more money with your photography business.

The telephone is your most important piece of equipment – way more critical than your camera or computer.  So your phone skills must be top notch for you to build a successful photography business..

There is one single BEST question, which we use every day in our photography business, that will turn you into a “Master Photography Sales Person” and book you many more clients than you are booking now without it.

I call it  The “Magic Question” because it truly is magical.

Here it is:  “If you don’t mind me asking, what’s most important to you about ____________.”  (Where you fill in the blank with whatever type of photography she is calling you about.)

I have used this question in my photography business for over 30 years now, and it continues to amaze me how powerful and effective it is.


Because it helps you find the “DBM”.  What’s the DBM?  It’s the Dominant Buying Motive.  It’s the major key thing this prospect wants to get from her photographs.

If you don’t find out what her “DBM” is, how can you possibly talk with her in a persuasive way and convince her to work with you instead of some other photographer in your area?  You can’t!

Now, obviously, there are many other questions we use on the telephone to help convince a prospect to work with our photography studio, and I’ll talk about them in later articles.

But the “Magic Question” is by far the single most powerful, effective question you can ever use to help build trust and rapport with a caller and get her to hire you rather than one of your competitors.

So, make it a point that from this day forward, you will NEVER talk with a prospect ever again without using the “Magic Question”.  It will make you a lot of money, and it will bring you a LOT of clients who you otherwise would have lost.

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