Photography Marketing Success Secret #3 – Don’t Look For The Magic Pill

Want the "magic pill" for photography marketing?

Want the “magic pill” for photography marketing?

Have you ever wondered why some photographers are successful – even in tough times – while others are not successful – even in great times? What is it that separates the winners from those who are struggling?  It almost seems like the successes are taking some special, secret “magic pill” that is causing them to become famous and successful no matter what.

But not true. There is no “magic pill” when it comes to photography marketing success.

So why are they successful?  It’s not their photography expertise – although that’s important, of course. The real difference is their

attitude and their actions. The winners have a great attitude, even when things aren’t going perfectly. They just keep going. They keep smiling. And they are very enthusiastic! (And that enthusiasm is contagious!) They are optimistic and encouraging. Everyone just seems to really like them, and respect them, and as a result, clients just seem to gravitate to them.

If you want to work with more people, and have those people be “warm fuzzies” – people who are happy, friendly, and love what you do – then be more “warm fuzzy” yourself. And get out there – take the action that the successful photographers are taking – meet other business people in your area. Speak at service clubs. Do radio trade outs. Get exhibits all over town. Write articles for the local papers and magazines. Success in the photography business requires you to do some things you might not particularly love to do, but if you have a proven plan, and work that plan, you will succeed.

So where do you get “the plan?” From someone who is where you want to be. Model that person, and do what he or she is doing, and you will find that you will end up where you want to be as well. But an important warning: Do NOT just copy or “model” anyone. Pick very carefully who you allow to influence you. Never take advice from someone who is not exactly where you want to be! Be ruthless about this. And, of course, never copy anything without permission. Build your business on honesty.

You just simply have to take action. You have to meet people. You have to become famous in your town.  I call this the “power of presence.”  Everywhere your target market goes in town, they see you, hear about you, or discover you because your exhibits and displays are where they are going in town every day.

So, how do you become successful in the photography business?  Model a proven plan, and then work that plan like crazy.  Just be sure it is a PROVEN plan. And don’t give up if things don’t work instantaneously. Our culture wants everything to be fast and easy and instant. Well, good photography marketing is none of those. It’s a steady, constant plan which builds momentum and ends up with you being famous, respected and sought after in your market area.

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All the best,

Charles J. Lewis, M. Photog., Cr.

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