Photography Marketing Success Secret #4 – Look Successful To Drive People To You


Success Is Reachable If You Follow The Marketing Secrets!

Success Is Reachable If You Follow The Marketing Secrets!

I’ve spent over 40 years discovering what I call “Photography Marketing Success Secrets” – those secrets which will cause you to earn the greatest amount of money in photography with the least amount of time and work.  It’s not that you or I are lazy.  It’s that you want to create the finest photography possible, with the least amount of work, and earn the greatest amount of profit for your efforts.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Nothing Succeeds Like Success.”  Well, this is absolutely true, and vitally important to your success in photography marketing!


What this means is that you have to look successful, BEFORE you can actually become successful!  So even if you aren’t as successful as you want to be yet, by taking advantage of the secrets I’m going to discuss here, you will    become successful more quickly.


This is exactly what my wife, Cheri and I did when we were first getting going with our studio, and had nothing.  Even though we were broke, we did everything we could to make the studio look like we were incredibly successful.  And what we did had to be either free, or really inexpensive (because we had almost no money.) 


People are watching you and judging you by how you look, speak, act, and dress.  That’s how people form their opinions of you.


And people want to work with and be associated with people who are successful.  Most successful people with money do not want to be associated with those who are not successful themselves.  Therefore, by carefully paying attention to the items we are going to talk about here, you will be able to “leap-frog” years ahead of where you are now – and do it very quickly!


 It’s a proven fact: you must look successful to become successful.


Now, we need to be really careful here.  I am NOT saying to go out and buy a new car if money is tight.  I am NOT saying to buy designer clothing.  I am NOT saying to buy expensive furniture, etc. for your studio.


What I am saying is this:  In order to be successful, you FIRST must look AS IF you are already successful.  It’s a shame we don’t learn this in school!


So how do you do that, if you are short on money?


**First, you make your studio look really nice – not with expensive furniture or wall coverings – that’s not nearly as important as you might think – but just make it look nice.  By “nice” I mean only show wall portraits.  Don’t show any smaller images than a 24×30.  Everything is framed.  You sell what you show, so show framed wall portraits.


**And keep your studio really clean and attractive.  No equipment anywhere that a client can see.  No photographs laying around anywhere.  No photographs sitting on the floor, leaning up against the wall.  No “computer work stations” anywhere where a client can see them.


**In my opinion, it’s very smart to make your studio look like a home – NOT like a gallery.  As I said above, when Cheri and I first started out, we were completely broke.  We had moved the studio out of our home, and into an office building.  We had no money, and the only furniture we had was in our home.  So we took the furniture out of our home, and put it in the studio, so the studio would look like a home setting.  This worked like magic!


**Have lots of plants, flowers and small trees in your studio – just as a nice home would be decorated. This adds a wonderful “warmth” to your studio, and women will love it. (And women are our target market!)


**The key here is to do your very best to make your studio look like you are already successful and doing great. It must be clean, neat, professional, and just look like you obviously are already successful. You will be amazed at how well this works!


By making sure you “look” successful, you will attract other successful people, who will invest in your services, and help you become more and more successful. Cool, huh?!


In my next post, I will share another HUGE secret to becoming successful in photography.

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All the best,


Charles J. Lewis, M. Photog., Cr.

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