Photography Marketing Success Secret #6 – Act Successful To Become Successful

be Carefull - How You Act Will Have A Huge Effect On Your Photography Success!

be Carefull – How You Act Will Have A Huge Effect On Your Photography Success!

It’s a proven fact: You must act successfully to become successful!

This involves your mind-set.  How would you act if you were really tremendously successful?  Now, we aren’t talking about being arrogant here, or talking down to your prospects and clients.  No way. But it’s important for you to realize that you are constantly sending out messages to people, so you need to be careful what that message is saying.

If anything you do or say even hints at the possibility that you aren’t successful, then many people will immediately shy away from working with you. Most people want to work with people who are ALREADY SUCCESSFUL.

Why? Because most people are insecure of themselves and their judgment. So they let others make many of their decisions for them. So if you appear already successful, then these folks feel that “others” have already made the decision to hire you, so they will hire you, too. See how this works?

This has everything to do with human psychology. I won’t go into the details here about that – just trust me – act successful and you will become successful!

Let me give you a few examples.

**Your attitude must always be positive and optimistic.  If you aren’t positive, people wonder what’s wrong, and assume business is not good and things are not going well for you.

**You must always be excited and enthusiastic.  Enthusiastic people are successful people.  (This also helps you sell better, as people love working with and buying from enthusiastic people.)

**You must never act like you “need” the business.  You want them to get this feeling: You WANT to work with someone, but you don’t “NEED” to work with them.  So you are enthusiastic, excited, and looking forward to meeting them and working with them.  But you are not desperate.  You don’t need this client in order to pay the bills.  There’s a real fine line here – but you need to understand this and use it.  It’s important.  On an emotional level, you really want to work with this client, because of what you can create for her.  But, you aren’t going to go hungry if you don’t work with her. See the fine line there?

Indeed, part of building a successful business is acting as if you are already truly successful – without being arrogant – before you are actually successful.  You’re really nice.  You really care about your clients, but it’s just “obvious” that you are really successful and that your life and well being do not depend on them hiring you.

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Hope this has been helpful,

All the best,

Charles J. Lewis, M. Photog., Cr.

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