Photo Sales & Selling Tips: 5 Secrets To Turning Callers Into Paying Clients

telephone selling tips for professional photographers

If You're Not As Effective On The Phone As You Are With Your Photography, You're Losing Business That Should Have Been Yours!

You and I have people emailing us, as well as calling us, all the time to find out information or prices, etc.  In this article, let’s talk about the proven best ways to handle those folks who call you on the phone.

If you’re having trouble “converting” these callers – that is, getting them to come into your photography business, and buy something from you – then this is going to be one of the most important and valuable articles you will read all year.

Why?  Because most photography businesses totally screw this up, and send a huge percentage of their callers away – (to their competitors) – because they don’t know the five big secrets or techniques to “closing” telephone callers and getting them to take the “next step.”

IMPORTANT WARNING:  I am NOT talking about trickery or manipulation here.  That is NOT what good salesmanship is.  Good salesmanship is finding out what people want, and then helping them to get it.  Here’s the 5 big secrets:

Photo Sales Secret #1:  Ask questions – instead of talking-talking-talking.  Ask a few carefully crafted questions (see below) and LISTEN to the caller’s answers.  The “secret” to closing sales is to build rapport and trust – and you do this by asking good questions and listening to the answers.

Photo Sales Secret #2:  Always use the “Magic Question.”  This is without a doubt the most powerful question you can use.  It’s amazing.  Here it is:  “If you don’t mind me asking, what’s most important to you about ___________?”  (Where you fill in what it is the prospect is calling about.)  When you ask this question, and then shut up and listen, you will find yourself booking more and more callers and turning them into paying clients.

Photography Sales Secret #3: Use the “Qualifying Question.”  This is the second most powerful question.  It’s especially powerful when you are trying to deal with a person who is hesitating, or “stalling” to make a decision.  Here it is:  “If you don’t mind me asking, how important is ________ to you?”  (Where you fill in what it is the prospect is calling about.)  This quickly reveals to you just how “qualified” the caller is.  If she says it’s not all that important to her at all, that tells you one thing.  But if she says it’s really important to her and she wants it done right – that tells you something else.

Photography Selling Secret #4: The “Law of 5.”  This law states that it usually takes 5 “no’s” before you will get a “yes.”  So never, ever just stop when a caller says “no” or says something like “I will think about it and call you back.”  If you quit then, you will lose most of your sales.  You simply ask her another question, in a friendly voice.

Photography Sales Secret #5: The “Target Law” – always give each caller a “target” to shoot for – like taking the next simple, non threatening step – such as setting up a time to come in and “chat” with you for no charge and no obligation.  People need targets.  If you don’t give them one, they don’t know what to do next, and you lose them to one of your competitors.

Start using these 5 “secrets” immediately, and watch your sales and profits go up.  It’s truly amazing how many professional photographers mess this up, when they could be making a lot more money, and serving a lot more clients.  These “secrets” work great for me, and I know they will work well for you, as well.

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