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Your Financial Freedom Isn’t “Free” – It Takes Conscious Effort In The Right Areas

I urge all my photography friends, members and “students” to make a decision, a resolution if you will today.  Resolve that from this day forward, to assure your financial independence, you will put AS MUCH TIME AND EFFORT into the MARKETING, PRICING AND SELLING areas of your photography business as you put into your photography itself. Remember, contrary to what many…

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Auto-Pilot Pricing Key Points

One of the KEYS to my photographic success is what I call “AutoPilot Pricing.”  It has worked amazingly well for me and I highly recommend you adopt the same system for your own photography business.  Here it is: Twice a year, every year, regardless of the economy or the competition, you AUTOMATICALLY raise your prices between 10% and 20%.  You…

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Secret To Success: Don’t Let The Inmates Run The Asylum!

Who’s running who?  Are you running your photo business, or is the business running you?  Here’s a couple of important keys to my success – and they will work for you, too! 1.  Never let your “Originals” (Prooooofs, previews, thumbnails) leave the studio. – Don’t print out anything they can take home.  If you do this,your sales will suck and…

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Strong Photography Marketing and Selling Ideas And Techniques Make The Difference

Just a short note to answer anyone out there wondering if the photography industry is okay or not. Yes it is!  It’s going to be just fine. What’s happening now is going to be determining which photographers survive and grow and prosper, and which ones disappear and are gone forever.  In upcoming posts, I will be guiding you through my…

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