Photography Marketing Success Secret #8 – A Major “Photo Marketing Secret” Almost No Photographers Know About!

Your Photo Marketing - The Most Burning Question You Must Know The Answer To!

Your Photo Marketing – The Most Burning Question You Must Know The Answer To!

I have a couple of photography marketing questions for you:  Why should someone decide to hire you, over all the other photographers in the area?  What is it that’s so special and unique about you that they should choose you over all the other choices available to them, including doing nothing at all?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, and if you can’t articulate those answers to your prospects in all your photography marketing, then no matter how great your photography is, and no matter how many mega pixels your camera has, and no matter how fantastic you are with PhotoShop, you will starve. Why?

Because if you can’t tell a prospect what is unique and special about you, then there’s only one thing that’s going to determine where she goes for her photography… - THE PRICE – and you’re dead – because there’s always someone who will do it for less!

There is a question prospects never ask, but always want the answer to.

This is so strange, but true. They want to know what’s special about you – they want to know why they should select you over any other option – but they rarely ask you that question out loud.

So it’s vital to your success that you realize this, and in all your photography marketing – on your web site, in all your marketing pieces, in your Facebook posts – everywhere you market – you talk about what it is that separates you from all the other photographers in the area.

Now, you’re never going to say anything bad about another photographer – you will always be very diplomatic – but you must make it clear what it is that separates you from everyone else.

3 major points about your “Unique Factors”:

1. Make a list of 10 unique factors for each product line you have.  So, for example, for your family portraiture, what are 10 unique factors that separate you from all the other photographers in your area? Then make another list of 10 for your wedding photography, and another for your children’s photography, etc.

2. Put this list where you will see it every time you are working on your marketing – any and all marketing – so you always remember to include several of the best unique factors in your marketing.

3. Always mention the benefit of the unique factor in your marketing. Don’t just mention the unique factor itself – but also then talk briefly about what that unique factor means to the prospect. This will DRAMATICALLY increase the effectiveness of your photography marketing!

What’s so powerful about this, is that most photographers have never heard of this – so they don’t do it, and by you doing this in all your marketing, you will find that you have way more clients deciding to hire you, over all your other competition – even if their prices are lower than yours!

In my next article, I will give you some great examples of Specific Unique Factors, to help get you started making your own list.

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All the best,

Charles J. Lewis, M. Photog., Cr.

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