Specific Examples Of Unique Factors For Wedding Photography

You Can Enjoy Great Photo Marketing & Sales Success If You Know & Use Your Unique Factors!

You Can Enjoy Great Photo Marketing & Sales Success If You Know & Use Your Unique Factors!

In previous posts, I have explained how important it is to have at least 10 “Unique Factors” for each product line you offer. Your Unique Factors help people make the decision as to why they should hire you, rather than some other photographer in the area. I also gave you some specific examples of our Unique Factors for Portrait Photography.

Now, let’s go over some specific examples of our Unique Factors for wedding photography.

First of all, obviously, some of the Unique Factors that you list for portraits will work just fine for wedding photography, also.  So you can just copy those.  But there are some that won’t apply, so you will need some new ones that are just for weddings, too.

1.  We guarantee everything we do.  If you’re not thrilled with your wedding photography, and the service we give you, we will give you all your money back.  We are absolutely committed to creating the finest wedding images for you, and taking extremely good care of you, every step of the way.

(This is especially important for weddings!  Do not miss this!  They realize that they can not do this over again, so your guarantee is extremely important to them. People who really care a great deal about having really nicely crafted wedding photography will be greatly influenced by your guarantee.)

2.  Both myself and my wife, Cheri, work together with every wedding client – to create the finest wedding photography possible.  This helps you feel much more comfortable during the photography.  Plus, she has a wonderful eye for composition and design, and is super – detailed about jewelry, hair, your clothing, etc.  This makes your images just wonderfully perfect and beautiful.  Mr. Lewis can work on the photographs, the lighting, the backgrounds, etc. while Cheri makes sure everything is perfect on you and your wedding party and parents!  And there’s only one studio she works with – ours!  You can’t get her talent and her eyes anywhere else!

3.  We only photograph a maximum of XX (fill in your number) weddings a year, and only one on any given day, so we are not rushed at your wedding – so we can take the time necessary to make really beautiful wedding photographs for you.  We are much more interested in creating wonderful images for you, and telling the emotional story of your wedding, rather than working with hundreds of weddings each year.  You simply can not rush when you want to create a truly beautiful, meaningful series of wedding photographs!

4.  We meet with you several times prior to your wedding, to help you with all your planning, locations, timing, etc.  Cheri, our Wedding Consultant, will guide you and help you with everything, and also be there on your wedding day, with Mr. Lewis during your photography.  With this careful planning, we will be able to create all the photographs you want for your wedding story, without interrupting the flow of your day.

5.  We specialize in working with the Brides and Grooms who want everything to be the very best, and want everything to go perfectly and smoothly for their wedding. This means that we are used to meeting your most specific desires, and doing a wonderful job for you, while not taking away from the religious as well as romantic parts of your day.  You will have a great time at your wedding, because of our over 35 years of experience in helping some of Michigan’s largest and most prestigious weddings go smoothly.

(Note that “having a great time at the wedding” is usually one of the “Dominant Buying Motives” for weddings, so it’s important to have at least one Unique Factor that refers to this.)

6.  We love what we do, and that love and enthusiasm results in photographs that are much “better” and more special to you.  Plus, you and your wedding party and friends become excited, too, and your expressions are much more natural and beautiful, because everyone’s having a great time.  You should surround yourself with people who love what they do.  It is so important to have a wedding photographer who will help everyone have fun, rather than a photographer who will interrupt your day, and not be having fun while he’s working with you and your friends and relatives.  Why?  Because you will see it on their faces and in their expressions in the photographs!

7.  My mother passed away a while back, and the portraits I have of her are priceless to myself, and my brothers and sister.  So I understand how important these wedding photographs are going to be to you and your family and relatives, and I honestly believe that is why I work so hard to create the very finest images that money can buy.  I love creating  wedding images that thrill you!  It’s what I’m all about.

So there’s seven of them.  You must now modify these for yourself, and add a few more.

Next, you give this list to every person who works with you, and have them MEMORIZE the list, so they can say them, naturally and comfortably, in their own words, without having to read them word for word.  (Actually, you add these to your “Telecharts” immediately! If you’re a current Inner Circle member, you can download all our Telecharts from the membership site immediately for free! More info here.)

You see, when you are talking with a prospect, you want these unique factors to just “flow off your tongue” very smoothly and comfortably.  So you can just pick the best unique factor based on what the prospect has said so far in the conversation.  (We will talk much more about selling in some of the upcoming posts, including how important it is to ask people the right questions!

I hope this has helped you realize how very important your “Unique Factors” are, and also helped you put together a list of your specific “Unique Factors” so you can begin IMMEDIATELY to use them in all your photography marketing & selling.

All the best,

Charles J. Lewis, M.Photog., Cr.

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